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      Two person apt and my housemate is moving out to see the world! Looking for a new person to move in ideally between July 1 – 15, but could be flexible with a later date like early August if need be.

      Me: I’m a 30 year old female. I work 8:30 – 5:15 M-F as a receptionist / office assistant. Interests include: yoga, cooking, healthy living in general (if you live with me you will have access to an awesome water filter 😉 ), music of all sorts (I play guitar and studied jazz performance in college), going to shows, going dancing, nature / environmental protection, philosophy, biology, film, and art. I have a laid back, incredibly friendly, exceedingly adorable cat who gets along with everyone. I like to strive for cleanliness / neatness, but I consider myself to be laid back, as well, and I know that there will be busy days for both myself and my housemate where sometimes we can’t keep everything perfectly neat. It’s not a big deal. I don’t like to be nit-picked, and I strive to not nit-pick. I like to have fun, but generally any socializing I do happens outside the apartment, so I don’t have parties here or anything. I’m definitely not opposed to that as long as they are respectful guests (I enjoy meeting new folks and will probably enjoy meeting your friends) and as long as it’s not late on a week night. I try to be as considerate, respectful, and accommodating of those I live with as I possibly can. My housemate (also a long-time friend) will be happy to give a review of living with me if you like. 🙂

      Apartment: Apt is in Oxford Hill Apartments. Rent per person is $512.50 a month. Apt has a great feel and is in great condition, wood floors, giant closets, balcony. 20 min walk downtown. 5 min by car or bike. Utilities are included except for power. We stayed toasty warm in the winter for no more than $35 total a month (about $17 per person)! It was amazing. I have Internet so my housemate had been paying half of that bc she used it too which was about $38 per person. I think this apt is awesome, but I will tell you some things that you should probably know in case they are factors for you. They like for people to sign a lease, and there’s a fee to get out. If you find someone to replace you the fee is half your rent so it would be about $260. If they have to find someone fee is a full month’s rent. Lease would end in late June next year. There is a pet fee if you have a pet (one initial fee which I think may have been $150, and $20 per month). I felt like it all kind of balanced out bc I’m still saving so much on utilities so that didn’t bother me quite so much, though it’s not ideal. Laundry is quarter operated but is conveniently downstairs. I haven’t found that problematic. On another positive, there is a pool and gym, and maintenance is done very fast when requested. MSC staff are very helpful. Never thought I would be into apt living, but this place has been just wonderful and has changed my mind. Let me know if you have questions, concerns, thoughts, etc.

      If this sounds like a good fit for you, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks for considering!

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