5 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

If you would like to brighten up your apartment space but you are not quite sure how to go about it, there is some good news. There are cheap and easy ways to maximize the natural light that already flows into your windows.

5 Ways to Maximize Natural Light

  1. Mirrors – Placing a mirror across from a window can help reflect light back into the room. It also creates the illusion of more windows as the reflection from your current window will be thrown back into the room.
  2. Light Curtains – Take down heavy drapes or window treatments that block the light and go for translucent blinds or shades that can give you privacy but still let light in.
  3. Lighter Ceiling Color – If you have dark walls in your apartment, that can be a huge problem when it comes to lightening up your space. You can either paint the walls a lighter color if you are allowed or paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than your walls.
  4. Clean Windows – Cleaning your windows can make a huge difference. Clean windows will let the light shine in as bright as it can.
  5. Shiny Things – By having shiny things in a space, whether it be a glass table, silver décor or even glass picture frames, you can allow the light to bounce around your space easily.

By using these light maximizing tips you can turn the artificial lights on less and enjoy your space more.

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