5 Space Saving Organizing Ideas

Living smaller is becoming a more popular option, however living smaller does not mean you need to throw everything away, or live in an unorganized mess. These five organizing tips can help you save space whilst keeping all of your rooms neat and tidy.

5 Space Saving Organizing Ideas

  1. Pantry Space – If you find your pantry busting at the seams, or you would just like to keep it more organized, purchasing an over the door pantry hanger, like this one, can help you make more room and stay organized without having to use valuable cabinet space.
  2. Bathroom Storage – An over the door shoe hanger, the type with clear pockets, is a great way to free up space in your bathroom. A shoe hanger can hold hair bands, hair brushes, toothpaste, and all those other small but useful items you may have lying around your bathroom.
  3. Under the Bed – The space under your bed is often the most underutilized space in your apartment. By purchasing storage containers that can slide right under your bed you can store off season clothes, extra blankets, and just about anything that will fit in the storage container.
  4. Think Vertical – Often closets offer a lot of wall space that usually just goes to waste. Look up and see what kind of shelves you can add to your closet space. You may find you can get a few rows of shelves into your closet. You can then place baskets on the shelves to hold things like scarves and accessories, or you can use the space for your basic storage needs.
  5. Multi-Use Furniture Pieces – There are many furniture pieces that can be used as both furniture and storage. A nice deep ottoman can make a great place to store guest linens, whilst a coffee table with drawers is the perfect place for TV remotes and small electronics. If you need to purchase new furniture for your apartment, consider buying pieces that offer extra storage.

Organizing your apartment can make the space feel bigger. Use these 5 tips to free up space where you need it most.

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