5 Budget Friendly Apartment Decorating Ideas

If you are looking to decorate your apartment, however you are worried about spending too much money, these decorating ideas can help you create a personalized space without blowing the budget.

Five Decorating Ideas that Don’t Cost a Fortune

  1. Wall Art – Wall art does not have to be pricey. In fact, you can add personality and style to a space with photos, plates and even works of art you have created yourself. Look around your home and see what you already have, a set of mismatched plates can look great hanging on the wall, consider placing them around a piece of art you already own.
  2. Add Texture – Texture can instantly warm up a space and it can be added to any room with inexpensive pieces. Head to your favorite store and look for cushions that have different textures. Throw rugs are also a quick way to add texture, hang them over the couch, bed, or your favorite chair.
  3. Reflect Light In – Mirrors are a great way to reflect light back into a room and make a space feel bigger. You can create a work of art with various mirrors, or you can buy one large mirror. For a little extra reflection purchase a mirror with a shiny silver frame.
  4. Add Some Color – You don’t have to repaint your whole wall to add your favorite color. Purchase a large canvas, think nearly as big as your wall, and paint it in a single color. This canvas will instantly add color and warmth to your favorite room.
  5. Bring the Outside In – Head outdoors and collect pieces such as branches, flowers, sea shells, and other pieces of nature that can be used alone or grouped together into a beautiful centerpiece. You can also add houseplants to your space, you get an instant lift for your apartment and the added bonus of cleaner air.

These five ideas can help you turn a blank space into a warm and inviting apartment that makes you feel right at home.

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