4 Simple Energy Saving Solutions

If you have noticed your energy costs on the rise, you may want to consider taking a few simple steps to reduce your energy usage. Reducing your energy usage does not mean you have to live uncomfortably.

These four simple ideas can help keep your apartment comfortable while reducing your energy costs.

Reducing Energy Costs with 4 Simple Ideas

  1. Curtains – Heavy curtains on windows that face the sun can greatly reduce the heat that enters your home. They can also help keep the cold out in winter. Consider which windows in your apartment let the most sun in and cover these windows during the summer months.
  2. Fans – Fans help to circulate the air through a room, allowing it to feel cooler. If you don’t have ceiling fans installed in your apartment, ask if you can purchase some and have them installed. If that is not a possibility, buy some pedestal fans to place around your apartment.
  3. A Timer – A timer in the bathroom can help you reduce the amount of hot water you use, this can save you money on your water bill and your energy costs. Purchase a timer and set if for 5 minutes, if this feels much too short, find a comfortable time where you have enough time to wash off, but you are not just standing around in the shower.
  4. Weather Stripping – If you find that your windows let a lot of air in, weather stripping can help. You can buy weather stripping from your local home improvement┬ástore for a reasonable price. You may also want to look into taping your windows up in the winter months.

These four energy tips can help you to reduce your energy costs while allowing you to stay comfortable through all four seasons.

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