4 Great Benefits of Living Off-Grounds

If you are deciding whether or not to move off-grounds you may want to consider the benefits of living off-grounds. Having your own space can bring many upsides to your college experience.

  • Your own Kitchen – Having a kitchen that you can actually cook in is a great thing. You get to choose what you eat when you eat, and you can do it without having to wait for 10 other people to finish cooking or plating their meal.
  • Independence – Going from home to living on campus can sometimes seem like overkill. You just get out on your own and now you have an RA or random roommate you have to answer too. When you live off-grounds you can choose who you live with and you have the freedom to stay out all night if you want.
  • Life Experience – Tying in with independence when you live off-grounds you have to grow up. It is your responsibility to pay the rent, clean the apartment and look after you finances so that you can actually buy food.
  • Time to Yourself – Living in a dorm does not leave space for you to relax and spend time on your own. It is likely you will have a roommate and finding the time to just sit and be still by yourself can be hard. When you live off-grounds you will have at least a room to yourself, this gives you the chance to get away and breathe.

If you would love to live off-grounds next year, contact the team at MSC UVA. We offer off-campus living that can give you a great college experience. Reserve your apartment today!

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